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Arkas Bunkering, Sumitomo Corporation in LNG Bunkering Deal

October 21, 2018

Pic: Arkas Holding S.A.

Arkas Bunkering have signed a protocol with Japan-based Sumitomo Corporation (SSUMF) for the use of liquefied natural gas (LNG) as bunker fuel in Turkish and nearby seas.

As environmentally-friendly buildings, vessels and fuels have become more popular than ever, new applications acting as reminders for both states and civil initiatives of their environmental responsibilities continue to emerge.

With International Maritime Organisation’s (IMO) global sulphur cap set to enter into force in 2020, the maximum amount of sulphur allowed to be contained in bunker fuel will be reduced worldwide.
In this regard, Arkas Bunkering, Turkey’s top bunker supplier for three consecutive years according to Energy Market Regulatory Authority data, has signed an agreement with the Japanese integrated trading and investment company Sumitomo Corporation for the ‘marine fuel of the future (LNG Bunkering)’.
In terms of volume, the Turkish and nearby seas are among the biggest bunker supply centres for the maritime traffic through the eastern Mediterranean sea with a striking 2,8 million tons per year. With the agreement, Arkas Bunkering and Sumitomo Corporation are aiming to transform Turkey and East Mediterranean to a prominent LNG bunker products supply centre. The partners have already started the preparations for the service to be provided to LNG-powered vessels as per IMO’s 2020 sulphur cap.
Arkas Bunkering is already supplying for one out of every three vessels in Turkey. Sumitomo Corporation, on the other hand, is globally recognised for its expertise in LNG operations.
The duo having rolled up the sleeves for transition from heavy fuel oil to LNG as a greener alternative, have entered into a protocol which focuses on distribution network and infrastructure particularly in Turkey and the surrounding region. With the collaboration, Ship-To-Ship LNG bunkering will be offered for the first time in Turkey.
Arkas Holding President Lucien Arkas having spoken at the signing ceremony held on Tuesday, 16 October, at the Arkas Holding headquarters in Izmir, remarked, “We invest for the future in our fields of operations and make accurate projections, both of which add value not only to our company but also to our nation and clients. The importance of sustainability is becoming even more evident day by day, and using alternative fuels takes the lead as a measure in environmental preservation. Alternative fuels will be introduced for compliance with the new regulations. And we, the supplier of one-thirds of every vessel refuelling in Turkey, are initiating our LNG sales in partnership with Sumitomo Corporation, the Japanese expert of the field.”
Sumitomo Corporation General Manager of Oil, LPG, Offshore Business Department Mr. Shu Nakamura too spoke at the ceremony, stating, “We are excited to conduct the protocol with Arkas Bunkering as it is an important step to supply LNG as an alternative marine fuel in Turkey and the surrounding seas. Now, we are developing Ship-To-Ship LNG bunkering Supply in Tokyo Bay, Japan, and believe our knowledge at Tokyo bay will contribute to business development in Turkey. Through the collaboration with Arkas Bunkering, we are hoping to turn Turkey into a major LNG bunkering hub in East- Mediterranean Sea. We are committed to encourage greater use of LNG as a marine fuel across the globe and to achieve sustained growth in harmony with the global environment.”
With this step towards a greener world, it is aimed to promote the use of LNG as the fuel of the future, thus minimising the emission of the harmful gasses such as sulphur oxide, nitrogen oxide, and carbon dioxide.

LNG generates 25% less carbon dioxide, 99% less sulphur and particulate matter, as well as 85% less nitrogen oxide than the bunker fuels that are currently in use.

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