Monday, August 15, 2022
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Chief Steward

$60,153.00 to $63,630.00
Wage Mariner
The Chief Steward is the manager of the Steward Department and responsible for all food service operations, management, and training within the Steward Department.  The Chief Steward’s primary function is to assure that onboard food service operations meet the highest standards of preparation, production, presentation, and fiscal responsibility and accountability.  Similarly, the Chief Steward is responsible for maintenance of all physical spaces assigned to the Steward Department.  Incumbent reports to the Executive Officer / First Officer for the performance of all general functions, including accounting operations.  As the Department head, it is expected that the Chief Steward will comply with all instructions pertaining to the Personnel Administration, Financial Accountability, EEO and assuring proper timekeeping and leave planning for crewmembers.